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Welcome to Karipay

KariPay is a company geared towards helping Non-US entrepreneurs gain the tools they need to jumpstart their business on a global scale. Whether you are a Freelancer, Musician, Record Label or in the Buy and Sell industry (E-Commerce/ Amazon Seller/ eBay Seller), we can assist you with unlocking the doors to your market internationally without having to take the long route.

The key method to unlocking these doors is to first be a legally registered business in the US. This will make you eligible to receive funds globally from your customers. As a Non-US resident you can legally register your business in the US with the help of a registered agent. This is where KariPay comes into play.

KariPay LLC will be your registered agent. We will register your business for you and deliver all your legal documents electronically to your email inbox. Isn't that cool?

We will do all the technical work and get you up and running in no time.

What's included in our combo?

* We will be your registered agent and keep you reminded of your filling dates. 

* We will register your Business in the name of your choice.

* We will apply for your Employer Identification Number (EIN) on your behalf. This is also known as your US Business Tax Number.

* We will also give you a list of top recommended US banks that you can open a business account with. This can be done right from behind your computer at home. You will also have the privilege of getting globally accepted debit/credit cards with extremely low fees. Fees will be low even if you withdraw money from the ATM in your country of residence. (We will walk you through the application process if you need assistance.)

Once all this is done, you will now be able to attach your US bank account to major payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe and many more. There are some payment processor that do not allow signups from foreigners/Non-US Residents but with a registered business in the US, you will be able to sign up under your business and qualify to use their services. If you are interested in having KariPay register your business in the US, click here.

Try our virtual E-Card Plans

If you are looking for a more consumer based solution to make purchases for yourself or a small local business, we have introduced a virtual e-card service that can be used in place of a credit/debit card. This service may be of interest to those that want to purchase from US Merchants/Companies. These virtual e-cards are issued by Visa and Mastercard and are limited to US Merchants/Companies. However, these cards are accepted by millions of US Merchants/Companies and works similar to that of a credit/debit card. E-cards cannot be used for large scale purposes. Examples of US Merchants/Companies that these cards may work at are Amazon, Shein USA, Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Foot Locker, Target, etc. Our best advice is to check to make sure the merchant is US based or is using a US based billing system before shopping with your virtual e-card. These cards are non-reloadable and expires within 7 years. New card details are given each time a customer makes a deposit. If you would like a physical card, contact us.

Get Paid whenever you shop at your favourite US merchants with Rakuten.

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Please note that if you would like a card to purchase Facebook Ads, Please contact us.

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Get Cashback with Rakuten

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Get Cashback with Rakuten

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Want a physical card or a merchant specific card? Contact us.

Apply for our Business Combo to get a US Business Bank Account and digital cards that can be added to Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Devices that are NFC compatible can use the virtual cards through these apps to make contactless payments in-stores at POS terminals. Checkout our E-Store today. Your one stop shop for your E-Commerce Business.