Register a Business in the USA | LLC Registration

KariPay Business Combo (For Non-US Residents)

What's included in our package!

Please Note that this business combo is also for individuals who would like to be a single member business.

- Get your company registered in the United States through KariPay as your company's registered agent in Kentucky.

- Get your US Tax Identification Number.

- Be eligible to apply for any US Business Bank Account using your US business formation documents.

- Apply for a US Business Bank Account with digital cards. 

- Get company formation documents within 3 weeks (estimated time).

- Get company formation documents same day or within 24 hours (expedited).

- Get EIN within 1 weeks - 2 weeks. Delays may incur depending on the workflow.

- Pay state and filing fee yearly to keep your registration active and in good standing.

- Cost $200.00 USD. 

- Payment Plan available!


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Have You Ever Applied for ANY US Tax Identification Number Before?
Do you have a website? (The bank requires a link for your business. This can be a website or social media business page. Having this will greatly improve your bank account approval status.)
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