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Terms Updated 11/08/22

Terms of Service

In this agreement the term "You" is referred to as the card holder and the term "Company" refers to KariPay LLC.

KariPay LLC uses a third party card issuing provider and is not a financial Institution nor does the Company operate as a financial advisor. The company takes no responsibility if cards do not work at certain merchants. KariPay LLC does not take responsibility for any loses in case of closure beyond our control such as sabotage, bankruptcy or natural disasters. Cards cannot be used to purchase crypto currency. To purchase crypto, please contact us for merchant specific cards used to purchase crypto currency.

Disputes on E-card plans will be handled by the e-card issuer under their terms.


All deposits are final and non refundable.

Card Use


Learn about our E-cards

Our Prepaid E-Cards are valid for purchase and use internationally. They are accepted almost everywhere that accepts Visa credit/debit cards. 

Virtual E-Cards are valid for use online only.

These cards are valid for the time given on the card or until the funds have been exhausted if depleted before the expiry date. If a funded card is not used within 30 days, a monthly charge of $6.95 USD will be deducted for each month the card is not in use. If there is still a remaining balance on a card after it has expired, a replacement card can be issued for $5USD. 

Restrictions on Visa include but are not limited to:

  • Purchases outside of the United States

  • Money transfers/financial services

    • Venmo, CashApp, Zelle (E-Cards can be used with PayPal to purchase goods and services that are NOT subscription based.)

    • Contact us for inquires about subscription based cards eg. Netflix, Hulu etc.

    • Purchasing of Crypto.

    • Foreign Exchange Services.

  • ATM access

  • Purchase of gift cards

  • Gambling online or in casinos

  • Dating services

  • Adult entertainment

  • Subscriptions/bill pays

  • Online purchases that exceed the available balance on your card

Who We Are

KariPay LLC is a Business Solutions and E-Commerce Service Provider.


We reserve the right to discontinue service to any user that we believe is engaging in fraudulent activities without prior notice. Please use our services for legitimate purposes only. Our security team reserve the right to monitor the activities of all customers.

Payouts / Cancellations / Withdrawals

Non-US card holders that were enrolled before June 27, 2022 and hold an existing balance will be given an e-card. Card holder's balance will be transferred over to the new card. (There may be delays beyond our control with this process). Once new card is received and card holder's balance is completely used up, the card will be automatically cancelled. To continue using KariPay Services, you will need to then reapply under our new card agreement.

Cards cannot be used at ATM nor on money transfer sites.


Please note that terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.