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Frequently Asked Questions

How will be able to add funds?

- After applying, you will be provided with the ACH and Wire details via email to add funds to your account with us. 

How will I know what is my card balance?

- Card balance is available on our KariPay Balance page. You can request your card balance here

Where can I use my MasterCard/Visa Card/American Express Card?

- You can use your Card on any US Merchant sites that accepts these cards.

How long will it take for me to get my card?

- Virtual cards are delivered via email within 12 to 24 hrs after making payment.

How long will it take for my card to get funded?

- it takes approximately 1-5 business days for ACH, 1-7 business days for Wire. 

My card has sufficient balance but my payment is not going through. What is the issue?

- First check to see if you have entered the right card details. Double check the expiration date as well as the billing address which is given to you with your card details. Make sure Merchant is a US based

Will I be issued a checking account?

Yes you will be issued a US Checking account to purchase your card.

Do you offer multiple payment options to fund my card?

- Yes. You can contact us to find out the best payment option that is suitable for you.

Will I have limits on my card?

- E-Seller Plan can me funded with $5000.00 USD Maximum

- Shopper's Club Plan can be funded with $499.00 USD Maximum

- Basic Plan can be funded with $249.00 USD Maximum


What should I do if I want to dispute an unauthorized payment?

Please send us an email if you want to open a case/dispute about a transaction. Please note that disputes can take up to 90 days to be resolved and lost disputes will incur a $30 USD fee. Please note that you are responsible for the safety of your card details. You are also held responsible if you allow anyone else to use your card details.


What happens if my card is stolen or expired?

If your card is stolen or expired and has a remaining balance of $10 or more, contact our customer support team to request a replacement with a new expiration date ($5 processing fee will apply).


Are E-Cards Reloadable?

We do not offer any reloadable e-cards. A prepaid e-card is valid for 7 years or may never expire depending on the issuer.